sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2014

Fasting Tips

  1. Spin around in circles, it will make you too dizzy and nauseous to eat.
  2. Always have water with you.
  3. Drink ice cold water when possible.
  4. If you feel hungry, drink some hot green tea, the heat can suppress your appetite.
  5. Caffeine suppresses your appetite as well.
  6. Chew sugar free gum.
  7. Take a nap.
  8. Read.
  9. Clean something.
  10. Take a shower or bath.
  11. Whiten your teeth.
  12. Go for a run.
  13. Do some crunches.
  14. Stretch.
  15. Do yoga.
  16. Try enjoying hunger pangs.
  17. Weigh yourself.
  18. Look at your self naked and pinch your fat.
  19. Take a nice long walk, with or without your dog.
  20. Try 0 calorie Mio water enhancers.
  21. Look at thinspo if you feel hungry.
  22. Go on Pro Ana blogs.
  23. Make a Fasting Journal and write about how you feel during the fast, why you want to fast, and the benefits of fasting.
  24. Make a list of "bad" foods. Periodically, cross one of the list and pledge to never, ever eat it again. Eventually there will be none left.
  25. Munch on some ice, it will trick your brain.
  26. Make your own list of tips you think will help you.
  27. Always have a To-Do list so you are never bored.
  28. Try to stick to plain, distilled water. Zero calorie soda can make you gain weight in the long run, but if you feel it is necessary, go ahead and drink DIET drinks only.
  29. Watch people eat and notice how disgusting it looks.
  30. Dance like crazy to an upbeat song.
  31. Make an After-Fast food plan to slowly introduce different foods back into your diet so you don't gain all the weight back.
  32. Make a weight loss blog, you wouldn't want to disappoint your followers by failing your fast, right?
  33. If you're new to fasting, try a juice fast first.
  34. NEVER break a fast with a heavy meal.
  35. The first 3 days are the hardest, so just think about how good you'll feel once you conquer those 3 days..
  36. Eat light the night before you begin the fast.
  37. Try drinking a large glass of water at least once every hour.

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