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Tips for purge

1. Drink salt water after you binge, it retains all the water and makes it easy to purge afterwards.

2. Mineral oil is a very effective and less harmful laxative, and you can buy it at most grocery stores.

3. Take laxatives in a 2, 4, 6, 8, ratio so your body doesn’t get used to them and become immune, because then you have to take higher and higher doses. So like 2 the first day, then 4 the second, 6 the third and 8 the forth, then fast one day and don’t use any laxatives, then start up the cycle again. You are basically tricking your body.

4. Drink tons of water while you are eating. It will make the food so much easier to get up, plus it won’t taste bad if there is enough water. it also fills you up faster so you have less to puke out.

5. Drink a can of diet soda immediately before purging. The bubbles help the food come up. I prefer to drink a can while i am eating, it fills me up so much, then I get this icky feeling in my stomach and go puke, it works great!

6. Use more than one finger, and wiggle them a little to “tickle” the gag reflex. I personally use three…makes me feel like I am choking and everything comes up.

7. Push on your stomach.

8. Wet your fingers first by sucking on them or running them under warm water.

9. Use your stomach muscles to push the food up.

10. Cough gently while you are gagging (I don’t know why it helps but it does; it seems to “open up” your throat for the food to come up).

11. Gravity is your friend. If it is close enough, try sitting on the edge of your bathtub while you throw up, so your head is lower than your stomach. If the food has to run “downhill” it will obviously be more ready to come up upon gagging. If your tub is not close enough try pulling a stool into the bathroom with you (if there’s no one around to wonder what the hell you’re doing).

12. Chew your food until it dissolves.

13. Food comes back up in basically the same order it went down in. If you eat something brightly colored first, you’ll know when you’ve gotten up mostly all the food. However, since you can’t always get up everything, it’s better to make this “first-food” something low-cal in case you end up having to live with it after all. My favorite is Sugar-Free Jell-O because it is only 10 calories and it is unmistakable when it comes up.

Start your binges out on negative cal foods, this way your body eats those up first and give you a chance to purge the other stuff

14. Binge after you exercise, this way your metabolism is up and it will burn up the stuff you can’t purge.

15. If throwing up is hard for you use a tooth brush (not the side with the brush) and drink lots of fluids beforehand. 

16. Drink some Pedialyte after purging. It’s meant for babies but you can drink higher doses, and it’ll replenish your electrolytes. 

17. Get a really strong spray bottle, open your mouth, and spray right at the back of your throat. The food will come up easily. 

When gagging find that little hump in the back of your throat and just keep rubbing it around in circles

18. Drink a whole glass of diet pepsi just before you binge, it really helps the food come up. 

19. If you can’t get regular laxatives for some reason, sugar-free sweets with sorbital do the job well. 

20. Do not kneel by the toilet. Stand in front of the toilet, tilt your head up and put your fingers down your throat when you begin to gag. Bend down over the toilet and BOOM the food comes up. Much easier and less effort needs to be put into it.

21. The bristly end of a tooth brush works well for purging, slightly irritating, but gets the job done faster and more comes up. After you are all done purging drink a tall glass of water and purge again. You will see more food actually comes out! So drink up and get rid of it. 

22. DO NOT eat granola bars, bread or raw veggies. They do not come up easily if at all. 

23. Use soft food to purge, it’s easier.

24. Use markers such as Doritos, so you know everything is up when you see the orange. 

25. Ice cream is #1 for puking…tastes SO GOOD (fatty, but hey that’s what bingeing is for) and practically pukes itself out. 

26. Do NOT try to purge anything citrus-if you’ve done it you know what I mean (i.e. pineapple). 

27. Drink ‘smart water’, it is fortified w/ electrolytes, which is what you lose when you puke (by glaceau). 

28. Drink a glass of water before you puke, and then take a break and drink another one when ever it gets a little hard to get it all up…then after drink another glass and brush your teeth you will feel refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. 

29. After purging don’t brush your teeth!! It just rubs the acid in a eats away at your tooth enamel. Instead rinse your mouth out with water or mouth wash.

30. Throwing up more than one hour after eating is useless. all the calories and fat have been absorbed already.

31. Exercise 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night… and use dexatrim and/or lax. 

32. Low on cash for bingeing food?? Try Ramen (the noodles), they’re good, carbs (which is what you usually crave when you’re bingeing), come in all different kinds of flavors, and extremely cheap. Like 29 cents a package.

33. Stick your finger in and out of your mouth when you start to gag. It helps you gag up the food better. 

34. If your binging on dry things make sure you drink extra fluids to get it all to come up, othersise its sucks ASS!!!

35. Say your going for a shower or bath then when you puke run the water and after have a shower or bath. I also turn my bathroom radio on, gets a little more noise going…

36. If you’re purging in a public toilet, flush the toilet with each puke episode… it covers the sound & you can always say that the toilet isn’t flushing forcefully enough (like it’s broken). 

37. Stand up when putting your finger down your throat… when it is down… breath in… lots of air… then bend over it will come out. 

38. Instead of just sticking your fingers down your throat what you have to do is find the hole in your mouth that you breath out of (not the one that leads to the esophagus) and slightly stick your finger in it (careful you might hurt yourself if you do it too hard unlike the regular esophagus thing).. it makes you more nauseous and makes more food come up. 

39. Instead of rising suspicion by going to the bathroom after every meal, go to your room, turn the stereo up and purge in a garbage can. you’ll get a chance to see how much actually came up and it’ll be easier to hide if you make any noise. 

40. Rock backwards and forwards while you are making yourself purge… I’ve found the rhythm and momentum help make being easier. 

41. When you use laxatives eat something that is a marker that you can see that will pass through undigested if you don’t chew it (submitter recommends peanuts). 

42. When you’re going to purge drink a glass of cold milk, I’ve found that it really cools down your throat and makes everything go smoother. 

43. After purging run hands under cold water and pat your eyes. After you finish purging usually your eyes look puffy and red. cold water helps tone the redness down. 

44. Rinse your mouth with baking soda after you throw up- to neutralize the acid. Then use mouth wash- or gum or whatever. do NOT brush your teeth right away- that just worsens the effects of the acid. 

45. Things that hurt to throw up: hot spicy foods (chicken wings), fries w/ ketchup (I think the ketchup really irritates the throat).

46. Drink lots of fluid, a gallon of anything will automatically help you throw up. If you drink loads you to get really full and it will all come out.

47. Drink hot water then try to purge, the hot water makes you nauseous and makes it much easier.

48. Drink lots of warm water before you throw up it helps the food come up better or after you binge eat a few spoonfuls of ice-cream it numbs your throat and makes it a lot easier to puke up the rest of the food you’ve eaten.

49. Don’t forget to replace the food you ate! And also, don’t clog up the toilet.

50. If possible do try and puke in your bedroom in a bag or something because after puking there’ll be a shiny layer on top the water (in toilet) and this will attract attention at home 51. Drink a tall glass of water, do 100 sit ups, then drink more water and so on, until you are as full with water as possible. Do all this as fast as possible, and it’ll come up much easier and less acid.

52. There is nothing more degrading than puking in a toilet and being splashed in the face by potty water and your own vomit. This usually doesn’t happen often unless it is very forceful purging, you can lessen this splash-effect by putting a few squares of toilet paper on the surface of the water.

53. Start your binge w/ “safe foods” low in cal, and then move on to the crap. That way if any of it is absorbed, it’ll be the safe stuff. (and quite often you get the safe stuff up anyway - if you drink enough).

54. Drink a liter of warm fluid, then swallow a tablespoon of rock salt the same way you would vitamin pills. The food will come up in about 10 minutes, but have a bucket around in case you puke suddenly and unexpectedly. Great method if you can’t purge by sticking your fingers down your throat (like me). 

55. Cooperative purge friendly foods—pudding, ice cream, cereal w/ milk, jelly or cream filled pastry, extra creamy mac & cheese. Also, by microwaving foods (such as cookies, muffins, baked goods), they soften & come up easier. Plus this added warmth is very comforting, both going in and coming out.

56. Force yourself to wait at least one hour between binges. I have a bad habit of binge/purge/binge/purge/binge/purge, etc… By the end of the entire session I get lazy & put less effort into bringing everything up. By spreading out binges, less food gets left behind. 

57. If your eyes get red after purging (say if you’re out eating with friends and you go to the bathroom), come back and tell them how you’re contacts are driving you NUTS…makes it seem like you were taking them in/out in the bathroom (hence the red eyes)

58. Standing up DOES work best. Better yet, ignore the toilet… Do it in the shower instead. It sounds gross, but think of it—plenty of h20 to rinse with, soap to hide the smell, and just push it all down the drain with your foot, or whatever. Be careful though. Stringy rough foods can clog up the drain (beef, chicken, etc…) And markers work to a point, but they aren’t very reliable. OH! and the flowing water obviously helps to cover-up the smell.

59. Always drink diet cola (2 cans) with each binge and use Dulco-Lax tablets (UK only?). They are the best and don’t give you the tummy ache you get with some. Also you often bring up last what you ate last not what you ate first so markers don’t always work especially with chocolate and never purge with bread or gooey cakes like muffins as they clump together

60. Don’t eat your food when its too hot, you wont be able to chew properly and then it’ll be hard to vomit big pieces of food. If you’ve been there you’ll know what I’m talking about. 

61. When you’ve nearly finished but can't get the last bit out, punch yourself as hard as you can in the stomach…..just below the base of the rib cage, I’ve found this really helped as when you drink water after it you feel so nauseous it all comes out. 

62. Soft fruit (grapes, strawberries, bananas) are the best to purge with…eat 3 and it helps it all come up, and it also doesn’t absorb anything before coming up after 30 minutes.

63. While you are bingeing, take a sip of water between each bite of food. So then, when you purge it, the food is all mixed up in the water & Nothing gets stuck or is hard to come out.

64. Try puking in the shower, it is way easier than anything else…because if you start to get tired like me…you can sort of relax in the hot water until your ready to puke again…and like it was already said throwing up in the shower helps hide the sound and noise…and if your thinking about throwing up in the shower try not to eat chunky foods…and try to make sure there is no vomit left in the shower after your done.

65. Try to get all the vomiting done at once, if you stop for a little you ain’t going want to go back. So take a deep breath, & get it all done. 

66. Do NOT drink fruit drinks before you throw up…a.k.a. Fruitopia or anything like it-believe me it does NOT taste the same as it went down.

67. Make bread or a bagel really soggy, then chew it up until it makes you sick. The taste and texture are repulsive, and it works every time for me.

68. If you have an electric toothbrush, turn it on and move that side to side etc, it works great!!

69. I always wet my fingers first and keep my fingers in a ‘V’ shape.

70. NEVER BRUSH AFTERWORDS!! Mix a small amount of baking soda with water and gargle with it. This will neutralize the stomach acid.

71. While youre in the shower, purge into a jug or a bucket, after you’ve showered, pour the vomit into the toilet, this makes a lot less noise and parents/friends aren’t wondering why youre taking so long in the bathroom.

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