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Hiding your Habits

If you find you must go to a family or somewhat thing, get something reasonable like a muffin, and just carry it around with you.

Put dishes in the sink, leave evidence from what you've eaten. Don't forget to get rid of food you were supposed to eat.

Put your diet pills in a vitamin bottle.

Don't tell people you think you are fat.

Invent some mysterious illness, which will be a good excuse not to eat!

Don't raise suspicions, once people realize what you are doing, they'll watch and monitor you every minute. Start hiding your habits and practices from day one, so no one has ever seen any of it. When one thinks your anorexic, there is nothing you can say to convince them you're not.

Check the fridge when no one is around. Get some food, prepare it, and then trow it away. For example, some eggs.. get three eggs and some butter, bake the eggs, throw them on a plate with some bread, and then dispose them. Leave silverware too!

Don;t ever talk about food with other people, they'll think that your obsessed if you do this too much. And, talking about food may raise the question of you already ate. In case they do, have your excuses ready: 'My stomach is upset' ' I'm to exited/nervous/busy etc. to eat' 'I don't feel like....' 'I'm not hungry yet, I'll get something later'

Spend different meals with different groups of people, tell them all that you had a big meal earlier or will be eating something later on. Make sure the different people will not be comparing notes. Or plan your schedule so you're too busy at mealtimes to eat then.

Trash. Watch where you dispose of uneaten food or other "evidence", make sure that it isn't going to be seen or found by anyone. Wrap food up and throw it away outside the house. If you live alone, always take the trash out before anyone else comes over.

Buy food. People are fairly predictable. If they see you buy food and come home with food, then they just naturally assume that you eat it as well. Get things like crackers and cookies , keep them in your room, and carefully pack them out again later to throw away. Careful, this can be a little dangerous if you're prone to binging and have trouble keeping food around, or if you feel guilty about throwing food away. If the food's something you don't like and won't binge on this may be easier to do.

Don't get angry. Don't deny everything if confronted. People will believe a little truth with a big lie much easier than a huge lie. Act as if it's no big deal instead of reacting emotionally and people will tend to believe you.

Tell people you're on a diet, you became a vegetarian, your doctor has you eating only certain things, whatever. Often people will be very helpful in keeping you from eating if they think there's a socially acceptable reason for it.

Don't show off your weight loss until you've reached the weight you want to remain at. People will start to watch you more carefully and maybe ask questions, and you want to avoid calling attention to yourself.

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