miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Other Tips

Take vitamin B6 and B12 supplements, they speed up your metabolism like none other 

Purge in the shower, or in the sink when your music is playing. 

If your about to binge, chew some gum, and think of yourself what obese people look like.

Drink a glass of water every hour.

Eat one meal everyday, this will help to prevent binge cravings.

Take caffeine tablets.

Smoke when you feel hungry (although don't start smoking if you don't already!!)

If you are craving food, brush your teeth.

Eat gum all day.

Sleep at least six hours a night, less than 6 hours stimulates appetite by 15% 

When you sit, move your foot or something, every cal counts! 

Tell everyone you're allergic to some foods.

Hit your stomach when it's grumbling.

Never eat when people are around.

Associate food with feeling sick.

Never eat anything that doesn't have nutrition labels.

Save one dollar for every meal you don't eat, then buy yourself a non food present.

Take a bath.

Always take your vitamins.

Know when your trigger binge time is and avoid it.

Drink water in stead of eating.

Watch fat people eat, and see how disgusting they are.

Listen loud music and sing/scream.

Spinning yourself in circels decreases hunger.

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