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Keep a thinspiration book. Get a really nice journal or something and print pictures of skinny models, tips, quotes, or workouts, and glue it in there. Look through it whenever you want to binge.

Keep a stack of magazines weighing the same amount you want to lose. When you lose weight, remove some magazines from the stack. It will be thinspirational to see that pile slowly start to get smaller.

Eat on a blue or black plate. Dark colors usually make you feel fuller, faster. Better yet, eat on small dark plates.

When you want to eat something you shouldn't, make a list of all the reasons you shouldn't, and read it 20 times.

When you get a craving, count to 100 really slowly, and it might pass.

If you live by yourself, put up motivational pictures or numbers on the unsafe foods. Stick your goal weight to the peanut butter jar.

Get one of those three ring binders and make a section for each part of the body. Put all the exercises you've got in there according to what body part there for.

Take a Polaroid picture of yourself wearing nothing but your underwear. When you want to binge, look at it, and see all that fat that you need to get rid of? Carry it in your wallet whenever you go somewhere where there will be food.

If you live by yourself and prone to binges, buy only the food you need for the day. That way if you eat it, there isn't anymore.

Eat with the opposite hand you normally do. Left handed people eat with their right hand, and vice versa.

Wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it when you want to eat. You'll train yourself not to think about eating.

Spend a little time every day on pro-anorexic sites or doing something completely and totally thinspirational.

Clean something gross like a litter box when you want to eat. Wear tight jeans so you remember how much weight you have to lose.

Pour tons of something gross on your food like salt or dish soap so you can't eat it. (if your eating out, use the former, and say you accidentally put too much salt on, and its too salty)

If you get really bad headaches it could possibly be from dehydration so drink lots of water.

Eat in front of the mirror. Hell, eat in front of the mirror naked and see how much you want to eat then.

Drink herbal teas. They have no calories. If you don't like them unsweetened, buy some splenda. Or if you're more in to natural stuff, try stevia, its like sugar, but no cals.

When you get the urge to eat chew sugar free gum. Just make sure you keep track of how much you have. Most kinds have 5 calories a piece.

Freeze your foods. You can freeze yogurt and make ice cubes out of Crystal Lite. Frozen yogurts take forever to eat so you feel occupied longer.

When you go to a restaurant order something that's not too unhealthy. Put half of it in a doggy bag and say your going to eat it tomorrow for lunch. Then eat half of what's on your plate and "forget" the doggy bag in the restaurant.

Never eat dinner, or eat very little, cause if you eat dinner you don't give your body enough time to burn off the calories.

Go shopping and try on clothes that you wish you could fit you and that should stop your craving for food. 

Pinch all your fat if you want to eat and see how disgusting it is and then you'll think that if you eat you'll just add more to it and you don't want that. 

If you can go to your kitchen and take all the bad foods that you know you will binge on and just throw them away. 

Make sure you get enough calcium. Take your vitamin. 

If you sit a lot every hour get up and go crazy start dancing or jumping stupidly or anything like that it will boost your metabolism for a little.

Stay away from food and the kitchen there evil!(unless your parents are around, then pretend like you just finished getting a snack) 

Have you ever noticed that most people who you see eating are fat? Well remember this if you eat like them you'll be as fat as them. 

Try to plan how much your going to eat and what there's a 30% more chance you wont over eat then. 

Look at supermodels do they look like they eat?! No! So if you REALLY want to look like them them don't eat. 

A calorie is a calorie so it doesn't matter what kind you eat just eat under 1000 and you'll lose weight. 

Make a meal plan with all the days and put the limit of calories you'll allow yourself to after you eat write down what you ate. 

To keep a binge from coming go outside, do 20 pushups and then 20 jumping jacks after you won't feel like eating anymore. Better yet, do them in front of the mirror.naked. 

To boost your metabolism and keep you feeling full drink several green tea's each day. 

Every ana should take at least one multivitamin per day, no calories, but essential for every ana. 

Two tablespoons of vinegar before the meal helps suck the fat out. 

Caffeine is great ~ it decreases appetite. 

Peppermint tea or lollies are a great appetite suppressant. 

Diet Cola, Pepsi or Pepsi Max are 1 cal per can ~ drink, drink, drink... 

Don't stop moving' ~ every cal counts. 

Don't swallow ~ chew and spit. 

Don't slouch, sit straight ~ you burn more cals that way. 

Dress down, more cals are burnt when you're cold. 

Spicy foods boost the metabolism. 

Eat negative cal foods. 

Eat lots of celery ~ a negative cal food too. 

Drink at least 3 liters of water per day ~ it will help you feel full. 

Munch on ice cubes to create a feeling of fullness. 

Take it slow ~ it takes 20 minutes for the stomach to realize it is full. 

Eat lots of fiber ~ expands in your stomach to create a full feeling. 

Don't eat in front of the TV ~ concentrate on the food while you eat ~ you get more satisfied. 
Eat vegetarian sausages instead of real meat. 

Do 50 sit ups every morning ~ it will raise your metabolism and make you more motivated to do things throughout the day. 

Cabbage makes you lose weight ~ but watch out for the smell!!! 

Strawberries are lo cal and boost the metabolism. 

Drink one glass of water every hour. 

Eat negative calorie foods at least 2 times a day. 

Eat 6 small meals a day spaced about 3 hours apart. . Watch other people eat..and feel superior!!! 

Find pictures of overweight people and put them in various places around your house. 

Find a buddy, compete. 

Once a week treat yourself. take a bubble bath..listen to relaxing music, get a massage, give yourself a manicure, a facial..etc. anything to pamper relax a destresser..and to reward yourself for your good work for the week. 

Ever noticed how (most) little kids are skinny? They are always running around! Take their example. 

If you feel like you're going to eat, but don't need it, put a few drops of vinegar on your tongue. 

Cut your food into tiny pieces. 

Eat with chop sticks if you're alone. 

Write in a journal as much as you need to to keep you from eating. 

Make a drawing or collage that reminds you of your goals and keeps you motivated. 

Stand whenever you can. Move whenever you can. 

Keep your hands busy. 

Practice visualizing yourself thin. 

Eat only half of the recommended serving, then go back for the rest later. 

When eating with friends, try to talk as much as possible. This way they stuff themselves and you burned cals talking and not eating. 

If you must eat at the table with the family do not pile food upward on your plate. Try to keep it close to the plate and spread out this way your plate looks full with lots of food, but isn't. 

If you must eat at the table, talk a lot and take a drink with EVERY bite or every other bite to fill up and make you look active at the table. 

The best aerobic exercises are stair stepping, walking up hill, and biking. Be sure to hit the weights first though. Try to stick to low impact exercises...also swimming is good. 

When you're at the grocery store, you should look around at people and note their fatness. Look at what is in their cart and realize that those foods are making and keeping them fat. Therefore you don't need or want them. 

If you are feeling unstable around food, look at it and say (out loud or to yourself) "I CONTROL THE FOOD! THE FOOD DOES NOT CONTROL ME!" 

Ditch the all or nothing frame of mind. So you ate to much...STOP RIGHT NOW. Don't wait to stop after your fifth sixth or seventh doughnut! I mean come on that'sat least another 300 cals and 24 grams of fat you stopped from going into your body. 

Avoid liquid calories. 

Take your multivitamin. Take a calcium supplement too. 

Become a vegan or vegetarian. 

Eat in front of the mirror naked. haha betcha can't even try that one. ;) 

Keep a stack of magazines that weigh as much as you want to lose. When you lose weight subtract magazines from that pile. Watch and see how much that weight really makes a difference. 

Count to 100 if you are having a craving. Hopefully it'll go away. 

Carry a picture of something gross. (really gross) and when you wan to eat, look at it. 

Put your fork down between every bite. 

Suck on hard candy. 

Don't eat past 7pm. 

Hit your stomach (just not too hard) if it's growling too loudly. 

Curl up in a ball if you have hunger pains. 

Peppermint decreases hunger. . Brush your teeth. The taste of the toothpaste will be horrid with the taste of food. 

The smell of coffee is suppose to suppress appetite. 

Wear perfectly applied lip gloss. It makes you more aware of what's going in your mouth. Flavored ones help with cravings. 

Every calorie counts. When you're sitting shake your leg, tap a pencil. Never stop moving. 

Drink a Glass of water every hour. Not only will it make your stomach feel full, it'll also give you great hydrated skin. Cold water burns more calories, while warm water takes away hunger pains. 

Throw away the foods you think you'll binge on. 

When going out, take only the amount of money you'll need and nothing extra. That way you won't be tempted to spend it on food. 

Every time you think you'd spend money on food. Take that money and put it somewhere safe, after awhile you'll have enough money to buy that cute shirt you saw and be skinnier b/c you didn't use that money for food. 

Sitting up straight and having good posture burns 10% more calories than when you slouch. 

Get your sleep, less than 6 hours stimulates you appetite. 

If you feel like eating, eat negative calorie foods only. 

Carry a picture of your favorite trigger everywhere you go. .Carry a small container (like an eye dropper) filled with something non edible. When out with a group of people put a few drops on your food so you won't eat it.
Drink a sip of water between every bite. 

Eat what you crave, but in moderation. Only a few bites of it. Enjoy it and eat it slowly. 

Eat in the same place every day. 

Focus on the first 3 bites of what you're eating. 

When you're really hungry, chew on ice cubes. 

Eat your meals on smaller plates. 

Squeeze your butt all the time. Guys like nice ass's and you burn more calories too. 

Freeze diet pop, or any other fave low calories drink. You body will think it's eating, and it's a great way to cool off in the summer. 

A warm shower calms achy muscles and soothes a hurting stomach. 

Get a string and wrap it around your waist cutting it so the ends meet nicely together, now take another string and cut it to what you want your waist to be. Carry the two strings w/ you. You can even be creative and make a bracelet (wrapping it around your wrist a few times of course, necklace, keychain, or something else out of it) 

Find a buddy online, do fasts w/ her, competitions, or just have someone to email when you're craving. 

Low calorie hot chocolate curbs chocolate cravings, and makes you feel full. 

Don't eat anything for 3 hours before you go to sleep. 

Wear a fashionable scarf when you're cold and no one else is. They won't suspect anything then. 

Sniff scented markers to curb cravings. 

Plan your college schedule so that you have few long gaps between classes. That way you won't have time for the cafeteria food. 

Keep a trash can near you when you eat. If you feel you're going to over eat, throw the rest of the food away. 

Take anti heartburn pills if you're really hungry. They neutralize that acid that builds and makes you hungry. 

If you eat right before bed, lay on your left side so the food goes through your system faster. 

Wear nail polish to hide the discoloring in your nails from lack of nutrients. 

Chew gum if you need to cook so you won't eat any of the food. 

Coffee and tea are suppose to raise your metabolism. 

Eat as slow as you can. It takes your body around 30 minutes to realize it's food. Chew your food till it just dissolves in your mouth

Make believe the food you want is rotten!

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